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OUR PHILOSOPHY is simple: practicing smarter helps you learn faster and play better.

After years of teaching music, we found the biggest barrier to progress is a student's practice habits. Our success secret is teaching students how to remember their music. We coach students on recognizing the theory and techniques behind compositions, thereby giving students the confidence to work through their music with their piano teacher and on their own.

we love creating "aha!" moments

By breaking down songs into their fundamental building blocks, we're able to draw clear connections between the technical and the artistic. We pull core ideas from a song and apply them to other musical scenarios in as many different ways as we need to. Students gain a deeper understanding of how music works, how it can be internalized, and how it can be reconstructed to create new, more meaningful performances.



Joanna Borromeo is Calgary's only Juno Award-nominated piano teacher. As a talented working musician with intelligent teaching skills, Joanna Borromeo provides top-notch music instruction for her students. 


in-home PIANO LEssons

Save on travel time and have a snack before your lesson instead! Bowness Piano Coach brings our piano lessons to your home. Find out how working with us can speed up your musical development...


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