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The "coach" approach

We take pride in getting to know our students. Beyond recognizing their musical strengths, weaknesses, goals, and interests, we focus on how our students perceive the music they are learning. Understanding our students is important to us and it enables us to give the best advice on what to practice and how to practice it.

strong foundation

Our goal is to help our students become better musicians. We work diligently with our students to help them strengthen their technical proficiency at the piano, their ability to learn and recall music by ear, and their sight-reading skills. Another important feature of our lessons is music theory. We teach what is relevant to our students, whether it is rudiments theory, chord theory, or both!


We love creating "aha!" moments for students and we think creatively in our lessons. Whatever repertoire our students are working on, we will find fun and inspiring ways to help our students draw connections within their music and gain a better understanding of how they learn. Students will find they have a better memory for music and will feel inspired to be more creative themselves.



Joanna Borromeo is a Juno Award-nominated piano teacher based in Calgary, AB. As a talented professional musician with intelligent teaching abilities, Joanna Borromeo provides top-notch musical instruction for her students. 



Our in-home piano lessons are convenient, flexible, and secure. Registration is easy and we offer students the chance to save money with our Lesson Packages.


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